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Hi my name is Ivan.

“Before herbalife I had tried many different diets in an attempt to lose weight but all was unsuccessful.

Before Herbalife I weighed 96kg and had a 38” waist, was always feeling tired and lethargic.

After 3 months of doing the weight loss program I lost 17KG and waistline dropped to 32”! I have been maintaining this weight for 2 half years and have total lost of 20KG.

 Thanks Herbalife, I feel fantastic!”

My name is Rizal and I try many different diets to lose my weight but all was unsuccessful.

I started using Herbalife products in November 2017.

My weight was 85.5 kg and had a 38” waist with 32.5% of body Fat and 69 years old metabolism.

I was always feeling tired, sleepy and less energy.

After 4 months of doing the weight loss program, I lost 22kg and waistline dropped to 32”, my body fat went to 22.5% AND my metabolic age was 39.

Thanks Herbalife,
I feel great! now

My name is Nourul Wahab Depp and I started Herbalife in September 2010. The result was amazing. I lost 6kg in 6 weeks and 7cm body measurement.

Since that, I stick to my program with Herbalife even through my all pregnancy. I didn’t have to change anything, just replace one meal to Herbalife Shake.

The result for my post pregnancy was 12 kg in 45 days and kept losing until I got my ideal weight at 58kg. I lost 22kg in total now.

I’m so happy with Herbalife Nutrition and take it everyday, once, twice or sometime, 4 times additional to my one meal a day.

Not only to lose weight or to maintain my weight, it gives me great energy and lengthens my stamina for my singing performance and my Zumba teaching as an instructor!

I am 41 and feel like 30 , Herbalife Nutrition is the best for me!

My name is Ina and before using  Herbalife, my skin was dull and I would easy get tired during my work .

When I started to use Herbalife i felt immediately  so different.

I was  feeing fresh and more energetic.

Additionally  few years ago my weight was 52Kg and consistently using the nutrition program with the meal plans I was able to reduce to 43Kg and to keep it. 

I am now at my ideal weight.

Everyday I consume Herbalife for breakfast and it became my lifestyle to start the day with the perfect breakfast for my body.

Now, I love to share my experience  to help people to be healthier and happier! Thank you Herablife

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Remember this information provided are ONLY to give you an idea of our Nutrition program. We will personalized it according to your needs so contact us.