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6 keys to make your Teamwork WORKING

Do you want to make your Teamwork WORK?

Here are a few points from Mark Sanborn taken from my understanding

What do our team do different?

What do the team leaders do?

What needs to be done!

1-    LOCATE

Locate the team members, who is on your team? Who do you need? We need the right team and the right people for the team, may be NOT the best people as EGO of one player can overtake the work of the team, we do not need people looking for fame BUT the one who fit the team



Make sure everyone understand the blue print of success in the team , and make sure YOUR personal education growth as much as the education of the team



a-    Ideas; a good team SHARE ideas between them

b-    News; Feed good news in the teams so you can control the positivity of the news and not only hearing the complain and negativity

c-     Feed Back; Give feedback on PERFORMANCE not on the PERSON

d-    Opportunity; too many times we focus on what is wrong and on what we do not have instead of looking at the opportunities we do have NOW



Teach your team to corporate; give incentive and willingness to work together



1 question ONLY >>> WHAT MOTIVATE YOU?

This is the question to ask before we can motivate any individual in the team, understanding what is important for people and for the team



REGULARLY is the key word here and most important do not ONLY celebrate the results BUT more important are the ATTEMPS, EFFORTS and DEDICATION in trying to achieve success

This is a summary of  a video form Mark Sanborn shared for you.