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Life is Beautiful when you live it 100%

This morning I was inspire by Marcia Wieder

Before willing to go further in Life we need FIRST to identify what is holding us back and it is important to take inventory of it and see what is REALY holding us back from freedom and abundance.

A/ what is incomplete in my life? In ALL aspect of it

B/ what do we need to do to complete it?

C/ lets put Action in our words and lets complete it.


What is important is not to add more things everyday until what needs to be finish is finish and then COMPLETION makes FREEDOM


When we are free we can then Live the adventure of life and get inspire from it .


In a way Fear and Excitement are the same feeling, they both start in our bailey and in our hearts and when we want to adventure the best, we need then to Give all of what we get and assume that we have more capacity that what we know and sometimes we need to trust more our body than mind.


our body can lead us further than what our mind can see so lets not hold back and live at 100% every experience


By doing so, Life will inspire us. Living is like breathing it is indispensable.


To be inspired we need to be receptive and open and relax to what comes in, so being vulnerable is not a feeling of shame but a way to be open to what ever comes.


Therefore, lets celebrate the small steps of achievement from others and us in being touch by life so we can see our progress in it towards inspiration is web site dedicated to the one interested to  get more out of life .. so do not