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YESTOWELLNESS : Attitude makes the difference

Are you willing to make changes?

Here are a few points from Don Hutson taken from my understanding

Attitude is most of the time what makes the difference between Failure and Success; it is a mental attitude so important that it usually provide the direction of our like

We know for sure as a reality that not everything goes ok in life or as we wish BUT it is the way it is and we need to deal with it as it comes and act upon it resulting with our attitude

Definition of attitude according to Don :

*the dominant in spirit we choose to adopt and display from a given stimulus *

Therefore our attitude is our choice, all day long.. How we react and how we CHOOSE to be.

Of course things happen, even wrong one, and the question here is:

How long do we want to be infected with the wrong attitude caused by someone else? We need to be resilient, to let it go and let the rest of the day go on, for sure it will be more productive

An interesting survey of university of Chicago > 96% of all things we worry NEVER happen therefore why having sometimes a WORRY attitude? And the worst comes in SELF PITY, which is the most USELESS of all mental attitudes. Do not go there

When you are on your work place, make sure you do have some fun an make it enjoyable and more productive and the pay off will be much better.

We know lots of things come in life therefore also we need to be OPEN to the process, be willing to change and remember all of that is only BY CHOICE, OUR CHOICE to be

Lets keep our conversation as much positive as we can, people do NOT want to hear abut our problem as it would create a negative environment and we can not from there expect a positive out come so be *an agent of changes*

Always keep an open mind . Think as if you were a NO LIMIT thinker, what would you be able to create and achieve? Look at

1- the possibilities that exists

2- the capabilities you posses

3- the attitude you know you need to incorporate to achieve what you want

4- and have a HIGH tolerance for ambiguity

Remember things DO NOT goes always as we wish

What is your answer at >> HOW ARE YOU?

Have a positive answer; full of energy and optimism, positivity from your voice and body language and that answer will set the tune of the conversation.

How about using terms as


don t you think it create POSITIVITY AROUND YOU ? And make sure to SMILE too …

Remember then, WE CHOOSE our attitude and when that attitude is positive and enthusiastic then for sure our life will be more successful in every single day..

I therefore choose to be happy for you and me TODAY 😉

From eric depp