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Personal Growth

Feeding our stomach is as much or less important then feeding our brain everyday so WHY NOT start a day with the right attitude for the right purpose ….?
Learning is a process and a journey BUT it is NOT a destination..,

Here are quotes from (John Kehoe, T.Harv.Ecker, Jim Rohn, Robin Sharma, Stephen Covey, Eckhart Tolle, etc..)

Thoughts and Beliefs:
Our thoughts create our reality
Circumstances and situation never keep you down , our thoughts are
The quality of your life depends upon the quality of our thoughts and ideas
What we believe is what we get
In almost all problem of our life , we are the problem and we are the solution
our limits are defined by the agreement we have made about what is possible, change that agreement and we can dissolve all limits

Very often things unfold in the most unexpected way …
The more we vibrate energy , the more success we attract
Life is not always logical
Anyone can make a great deal of money when armed with the right ideas and right attitude

We all reap what we saw
Every obstacles is an opportunity , every obstacle is a test
Focus your action in the direction of worthy purpose
Realize that the impossible is the untried
Action is not a position
Leadership is developing people and their talents
It is about integrity and not popularity , purpose and not power , talent and not title
Leaders are ALIBI free

Time management
Do not be so busy striving to make a living that you forget how to live life
When you do not control your day , it will then control you
Stop to make excuses and take responsibility
When you fail to plan , you will plan to fail


So now is the time to start to give good nutrition to our brain with Books, tapes, inspirational coaches to listen too everyday

What you become in 5 years will depend of books you read and who you associate with NOW …

REMEMBER not reading books is as good as being Illiterate therefore self improvement and confidence is the KEY today for a better lifestyle

Start the journey NOW and make sure you remember a healthy mind start with a healthy body with proper nutrition everyday